Starting a Company

startuplyon is a community service portal established by Keating International SAS (KI) - - that is dedicated to supporting people looking to start a company based upon the next generation in innovation in a specific sector here in Lyon FRANCE. As KI we have always try to find a way to give back to the community where we are located as part of our mission as a company.

Creating a new business is a process where attention needs to be paid to each detail in order to achieve a successful outcome.  At startuplyon we will focus on providing support  in terms of insights on how to successfully complete each step in the process which is as follows:

  • Phase I: Discovery -- identifying opportunities and shaping them into business concepts;
  • Phase II: Feasibility analysis and assessment;
  • Phase III: Creating your business plan;
  • Phase IV: Financing your business plan;
  • Phase V: Launching your business;
  • Phase VI: Growing your business;
  • Phase VII: Exiting your business -- from succession planning to IPOs.